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STUDIO | ELINE BAAS is an Amsterdam-based Art and Interior Design studio. Eline designed for several brands in interior, lifestyle, fashion and jewellery. With years of international experience, she worked closely with ateliers and factories around the world. Growing up in an art-loving family, her affinity for art and design has always been very strong. Today this results in an art and interior design studio. 

With her intuitive creative vision, Eline combines her wealth of material research with her technical knowledge. She has an eye for aesthetics, quality and authenticity. Together with her love for art and combining vintage with contemporary design treasures, Eline intends to add value to a room or space and make it unique and simply beautiful. 

Next to her studio work as an interior designer and stylist, Eline designs and crafts an ongoing art collection under her Atelier division. 

For inquiries please contact info@elinebaas.com